Thinking of selling your home as a short sale?

Much has been written all over the net about the benefits and draw backs of selling your property as a short sale or just letting the bank take it back.

I will share a few thoughts from my experience . . .

The short sale process can be time consuming, frustrating and will play on your emotions if you are the seller. It always takes longer than you think, requires more paperwork than you thought and at times can be humiliating and/or a bit embarrassing. You may begin to resent the agent that sold you the home in the first place or the former homeowner or lender that got you the loan or a host of other people that helped you into this situation. These feelings and frustrations are normal and should be expected.

However, we have observed that the short sale process works best if you are normally the kind of person that has a sense of personal responsibility, rarely blames others, appreciates people that go out of their way to help you and if you possess a bit of patriotic duty to country.

Sounds crazy but it is so true. A seller that does not have most of the qualities mentioned above is rarely successful at putting up with all the difficulties of the time consuming long drawn out short sale process.

So why do a short sale? For a lot of reasons . . .

First, it may just do the least damage to your credit.

Second, you will live to fight another day and your re-qualifying may come considerably sooner than the foreclosure route.

Third, it gives you much more control of the entire process.

Fourth, it gives you more time to plan your future.

Fifth, it may eliminate the lenders ability to file a deficiency judgment against at some future date.

Sixth, it does the least damage to your neighbors and community.

The good news is that I have successfully closed dozens of short sales and I am fully prepared to assist you in the process. I know how to navigate the challanges and obstacles along the way. I will be happy to meet with you for a free no cost evaluation of your situation. We are here to help if you need this special service.

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